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"Climate Change"
5' X 7'





"Commerce" Acrylic 5' x 7'

"The Artist" Acrylic 20"x24"

"The Golfer" Acrylic 36"x48"


"Discussing National Health" Acrylic 60"x40"

"The Fan" Acrylic 20"x24"

"Nicole" Acrylic 20"x24"





"A-Flame" Oil 11"x14"

"The Future" Acrylic and Collage 24"x36"

"As Time Goes By" Acrylic 30"x40"

"Red Shoes" Acrylic 36"x48"

"Nicole's Legs" Acrylic 22"x28"


"The Ballerina" Oil 24"x36"

"Music" Acrylic and Collage 16"x20"

"Torin" Oil 12"x16"

"Women" Acrylic and Collage 16"x20"

"Self Portrait" Oil 9"x12"

"Sara" Oil 18"x24"

"Vladimir" Oil 15"x17"

"Torin in Orange Robe" Acrylic 30"x40"

"Ode to Raphael" Oil 24"x36"

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